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Lines for big articulated flies and large indicator setups!  As we
moved away from trout fishing to expand our horizons we went
from Saltwater to  carp to Musky.  This is the only way casting
these flies is going to be enjoyable!
A new edition to the Airflo Streamer Max series is the Shovelhead
designed by Kelly Galloup!  A unique double weight forward
design to cast the largest articulated flies.  Fast sink gets the fly
where it needs to be immediately !

WF 7/8 - WF 8/9
Scientific Angler Wavelength Titan line -
With it's short head and short front taper,  
the Titan line provides excellent turnover
and will cast large flies to the furthest

WF5F - WF11F
Scientific Angler Mastery Titan
long -
The Titan taper for the
Mastery Series.

WF5 - WF8
Wulff Ambush line -  Award
winning and proven line for single
hand or double hand casting

WF5 - WF15