The Contented Angler
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May, '07 - Although we were hoping for the March Brown, the size
18 BWO's couldn't resist the overcast skies and intermitent
drizzle. An abundance of mature Stenonema nymphs told us
that the M.B. should have it's day very soon. We continue to use
the varivas tippet in 4 and 5X and have no problem with refusals.
The knot charecteristics are also excellent.
Hook: Dai-Riki 305 or 125 #18.
Thread: Olive.
Tails: Ginger hackle fibers.
Body: Dk. olive dubbing. Green for freshly
Hackle: lt. ginger.
Wings: Dk. dun hen hackle tips or turkey flat.
Contented Angler Stenonema nymph.
Hook: 2XL #12
Thread: Brown.
Tails: Ringneck pheasant tails.
Overback and wingcase: Cinnamon turkey.
Body: 4parts sand dubbing / 1part olive.
Rib:  3 strands black unique hair.
eyes: optional. black rubber hackle.
Legs: Brown hen hackle or partridge with some amber
Note: A flat profile is made with two layers of
ultra chenille lashed along the sides.
I prefer the fly unweighted.
06/06/04 - Although the trout were small, they were plentiful and
co-operative. We  expected the Blue Winged Olives to be enjoying
the overcast weather that they seem to prefer. The Olives came off
in spurts over a period of three hours and we enjoyed watching the
trout slash at these nymphs. The Pheasant Tail and Partridge &
Orange soft hackles produced well as did the BWO, and a Cream
Caddis. Even if the trout don't co-operate, it's a nice time to walk
along the stream with the oxeye daisies in full bloom (Take a 3
weight along with you)We prefered to fish to the risers with dry
flies, but if you want lots of action, a #12 Prince Nymph (without the
bead) will provide plenty of action.
The Oxeye Daisies and the
Blue Winged Olive, both in
Full Bloom.
Spotted Sedge
Golden Stonefly