The Contented Angler
Amy & Joe Gablick
"Where fly fishing is still an honorable pastime."
May 14, '08 - A nice day in May just cool enough for long
sleeves. This is the time to fish the March Brown emergence.
We knew it was the wrong time of day, but you have to fish
when you can.
Water was 52 degrees and the strong flow was keeping the
fish on the bottom.  With the cloud cover, the water
wouldn't reach 55 until afternoon, but the fishing was good
just the same, thanks to the work of those who did the
There is still time to fish the March Brown hatch. 55 degree
water will bring it on. Don't wait to see a rise, they will take
every one that you toss at them.
buffalo creek trout
green caddis pupae
buffalo creek amy
With all the hits we were getting, I have to believe that
every fish in the pools we fished hit the CA Nature
Contented Angler Nature Pupa

Hook: Size 14 1XL.
Body: Nature's Spirit green spun yarn. Twisted
for segmentation.
Veiling: Nature's Spirit Caddis Green
Emergence dubbing.
Thorax: Nature's spirit Pheasant Tail dubbing.
Legs: Optional, brown partridge.
Head: Spirit River olive hot bead. Size 1/8
Eating the Nature Pupa.
'09 "Poaching" is now a serious problem here. Not because the
Fish Commision isn't doing it's job, there just isn't enough of them
to cover all of the territory.  Half of this project is stocked for put
and take fishing.  Muddy banks,  dense cover and ticks make for
challenging and somtimes unrewarding fishing
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