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Cortland Fly lines
We were fishing when Cortland first introduced the 444 line. The 444 line was a
breakthrough and if you were serious about your flyfishing, this is the line you
used. We are pleased to see that Cortland has pretty much stuck to tradition
while incorporating the latest technology into their fly lines. Cortland is and
always will be the first name in fly lines.
Trout Boss HTx  is Cortland’s premium trout line, now with all the performance
benefits of their proprietary
HTx surface. Also, they have redesigned the taper with a
shorter head to maximize performance in a wide range of trout fishing conditions
and added a handling section behind the head to assist in carrying line on long casts
or throwing mends. A low-diameter performance core allows a smaller outside
diameter than competing lines in the same weight — resulting in improved line speed
and loop control. A visible chartreuse head makes tracking your cast easy, while a
distinct color change to ivory at the handling line helps you see where the head

Available in WF4 - WF-6              $75.00
Cortlands new HTx surface results in a one-of-a-kind slick finish with an
extremely low coefficient of friction for shooting long casts and
minimal surface disturbance during line pickup. HTx surface also repels
dirt and debris, so your line stays clean and maintains exceptional
performance over time.
The new Cortland tins are a nice touch and
great for storage.
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cortland trout boss
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cortland guide series line
Never again will you wish you had a
different line with you on a fishing trip.
Cortland Liquid Crystal
Precision Guide series
is everything
you want in a saltwater line.  So far,  
nothing beats it in my book.
Make quick shots to cruising tarpon or make your longest cast
from the beach.  Either way,  you will get a gentle presentation
with this line.  Super smooth finish so it easily shoots under
mangroves for snook and redfish.
And there's more,  the coating is permanently fused to the core for
low line stretch and great hook-setting properties.  We offer you
this line with complete confidence that it is going to make your
next fishing trip the best it can be.
Available in: WF7 - WF12F         Price:  $89.95
cortland liquid crystal flats line
The new Sky Blue Liquid Crystal™ is made with the same
polyethylene coating, but it is extruded over a blue-
tinted monofilamant core. The line fades from stronger
blue color in the center to a light blue tint on the outer
edges, making the line easy to see from above, while
providing a subtle, blurry image to the fish.  

Cortland Liquid Crystal Flats Taper
cortland precision big fly line
Cortland Precision Big Fly Line - So many people are
tying the large articulated streamers and finding that
they are no fun to cast! With all of the modern fly lines
we have today,  there is no need to struggle.  The Big
Fly type lines will make casting bass bugs and
articulated streamers a breeze.

Price:  $79.95
Cortland Precision Big Fly line!
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