•        Low mortality—If a fish swallows the hook, simply cut the leader.
The hook will then dissolve away without causing any additional harm to
fish. Just replace the hook and continue fishing.
•        New options—The pattern size and style aren't dependent on hook
style like conventionally tied flies.
•        Versatility—Easily switch your hooks from freshwater styles to
saltwater and back again.
•        Endless hook options (primarily short shank)—Single, double and
treble with fine, standard or extra strong wire diameters.
•        Catch more fish—When fighting the fish, less hook leverage with
shorter shank hooks result in a higher percentage of fish caught.
•        Your tube flies will last longer—During the fight, the fly slides up
the leader and away from sharp teeth.
•        Re-use—If the hook breaks or dulls, simply replace it and continue
fishing the same fly.
•        Easy adjustments—Incorporate brass tube bodies, cones and
beads to add or adjust sink rates of flies.
Many people believe that tube flies are difficult to tie
and some people do make it look difficult by tying a
complicated fly. The fact is, tying tubes is quite simple
and Eumer has made it even easier!
The Contented Angler
Amy & Joe Gablick
Tube Fly Vise Adapter - Best quality
we've seen! Turns your vise into a
tube fly vise.
Price: $19.95
Alec Jackson's Tube fly hooks.
The people from Eumer Pro Fishing Accessories have to be the
most interesting people in the business. Jaako and Olli grew up
on the banks of the Merikarva river in Finland where they were
able to test their product. They started from the ground up and
built a successful fishing supply company. They should be an
tube fly tying adapter
alec jackson tube fly hooks
eumer ballhead tubes