Varivas uses the finest materials and  with tolerances hard to fathom. Look close
and you will see two tippet sizes seperated by only two ten thousandths of an
inch. You better have your micrometer calibrated to check on this premium
Varivas is That Good!
Super Tippet
Comes with resin coating and non-stress coating. A softer,
more abrasion resistant material with far less memory. Good
break strength charecteristics.
Because of their "Non-Stress
Coating" Super Tippets rarely get kinks.
Sizes: 0X - 10X
50mm spools!              $13.95
Midge Super Tippet
Greater than normal break strengths at super fine diameters.
One of Variva's highest grade VA-G lines. VA-G identifies lines
which result in a "1 rank higher" break strength for a given
diameter. This gives Varivas the confidence to offer Midge
Super Tippet down to 12X or .0026" diameter!
Sizes: 8X - 10X. 30mm spools.            $13.95
Superb abrasion resistance makes Dai-Riki Fluorocarbon
one of the toughest materials on the market!
Dai Riki Large Arbor Spools
Spool is notched so you can count the turns of the
spool. Good for measuring.
Clear retainer clip with knob to easily rewind material.
Oval dispensing hole
Only $8.95 per 30 meter spool!
Seaguar Grand Max Fluorocarbon
Grand Max has a devoted following of veteran anglers who
will not settle for anything less! The new
Grand Max FX is
more limp for better drifts. We often make a mistake and
believe that the difference between 6x and 7x is visibility.
The difference is that 7x is more limp for the particular size
fly and we are getting a more natural drift.
New! Grand Max FX - Don't risk
the fish of a lifetime to anything else.
Price: $15.95
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Blue Sky Furled Leaders
Airflo 3rd Generation Fluorocarbon. Judging from the
reviews we are getting on this material, it's going to be the
new leader in steelhead tippet. Give it a try and you'll be
raving about it!
These are 50 meter spools. Thats 54 yards of tippet!!
Twice as much tippet!!