Hook:  2 or 3XL size 8 - 12
Thread: Black
Body: Flat silver tinsel
Wing: Two yellow feathers
enveloped by two mallard flank
Hackle: Brown and Grizzly mixed.
Cheek: Optional - Jungle cock.
I always tell people that I don't go fishing unless I have at
least 6 hornbergs in my boxes. The hornberg can be fished
dry as a caddis, stonefly, or hopper and can be retrieved at
the end of the drift to immitate a baitfish. I've caught fish
with both methods. I like the fly in the larger sizes. One thing
I like about fishing the fly as a streamer is that it acts much
like a Seaducer. The hackle keeps the fly in the middle of the
water column much like a natural baitfish. If you run into
someone who still fishes this fly get ready to hear some great
The Hornberg
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