You can always use another BWO emerger,  especially
if the box isn't full yet!
Hook:      Hemingway HC 115 barbless
Thread:   Uni 8/0
Tails:       Olive dun hackle barbs
Body:      Hemingway synthetic
transparent peacock quill - olive
Thorax:   MFC Swisher Generation X
bwo emerger
3.  Tie in the synthetic peacock quill
and advance the thread to the front.
Here is where Danville 6/0 comes in
handy.  You can spin it counter
clockwise and make a nice smooth
underbody.  However, since this is a
small fly, everyone is going to tell you
that you should be using 8/0 thread
so we will use the Uni.
4.Wrap the synthectic quill forward
making sure the black stripe is to the
Apply MFC Generation X dubbing and
wrap your thorax to finish.
1.  Slip a black wapsi Tungsten
bomb bead on the hook.  There is
probably one laying on the floor
near your desk
2.  Tie in about six olive dun hackle
barbs for the tail.  Don't worry about
length,  we will cut them when we
are finished.
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147 Jefferson Avenue
Lower Burrell,  Pa. 15068


hemingway transparent synthetic peacock quills
The Hemingway synthetic, transparent stripped
Peacock is now available at The Contented Angler.  
Now stripped peacock bodies are quick,  easy and