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1. Begin by placing a 5/32 bead on the hook
and tie in some red estaz at mid shank.
2. Take two turns of estaz towards the front
and tie off.
3. Push the bead against the white estaz and
move thread in front of the bead and tie some
white pseudo marabou in front.
erie shiner
4.Tie in some blue pseudo marabou (half the width of the
white. Then some pearl krystal flash followed by some olive
pseudo marabou the width of the white and blue combined.
Dai-Riki 135 Sz. 8 - 10
Thread: White danville 6/0
Throat: Red estaz and gold or silver
Wing: Craft fur - olive over blue over
You can add some stick on eyes if you wish
and cover with Zap a gap.
Erie Shiner - Steelhead season is just
around the corner and this is an old
favorite shiner imitation.
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