The Contented Angler
Striper fishing in Rhode Island
I look back now and I think: "It was pure luck that this man
walked through my door".
Lt. Mike Snyder of Rhode Island is
polite, knowledgeable, yet so humble, generous with an
enthusiasm not just for fly fishing, but fly fishing for Striped
Bass. All words that describe a true angler. Mike emphasizes
that he owes much to the people on the Striper Moon website
and Ken Abrames author of "A Perfect Fish" Illusions in fly tying.
We plan on visiting Mike in June, not only to enrich our
friendship, but to get a good education in Striped Bass fishing.
For those of you who can't visit The Contented Angler and see
his artistic flies, wade down a little and take a look.
It's striped Bass fishing so you need to be
equipped to fish at night.
The flies of Mike Snyder
Please wade in HERE to visit
Striper Moon website.
The Contented Angler
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