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The Traditional Spider was born in England. It was the late great
Sylvester Nemes that referred to the flies as "Soft hackles" The name
stuck in this country, but whatever you refer to them as, we know
they work and they can be fished in various ways. The traditional
Spider should look like a fly that doesn't have enough hackle. We also
only want to increase the diameter of the hook slightly when making
the body.
In this traditional pattern, we are using the traditional Pearsall's silk
marabou floss, but dubbing, thread and spun wool are good
alternatives. you can use a little more hackle if you plan on greasing it
and fishing it in the surface which is sometimes extremely effective.
grouse and green fly
1. Marabou floss is about 8 strands. You will
want to tie in two above the point of the hook.
A Dai-Riki 305 is a good hook choice or
standard wet fly hook. This is a 1XL hook
which accepts a greater variety of feather
length. We also sell traditional soft hackle
2. Wrap the floss up the shank and allow
room for a fur thorax.
3. Dub some hare's ear or mole fur for the
thorax. It is not neccessary to leave lots of
room for the head since you may be
wrapping back on the hackle.
4. Take an English grouse feather in your
hand with the good side of the feather facing
you. Strip the fibers from the left side of the
5. Tie the feather in by the tip with the good
side facing the eye of the hook. Wrap the side
of the feather with the bare stem clockwise
around the hook 1 1/2 turns to 2 turns.
6. The Traditional Spider is a very sparse fly.
If it looks like it doesn't have enough hackle
then you did it right! One who isn't familiar
with the traditional spider won't recognize the
finer points of the fly, but an expert on
tradional spiders will.
Some additional deadly spiders are: Partridge &
Orange, Partridge & yellow, Partridge & Green,
Pheasant Tail,  March Brown spider and Snipe &
Many of the traditional patterns call for letting the thread
show through the dubbing,  an interesting idea.
Fish the Spider down and across and get ready for a
hard pull. Do not set the hook!
The Traditional Grouse & Green
substitute partridge for grouse and you
have the Partridge & Green.