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chris lantzy reelseat
chris lantzy rods
chris lantzy reelseat
lantzy fly rod
To build a rod like Chris Lantzy it's not just a matter of
obtaining the proper tools and practicing. You must study
the tradition, the different tapers and why they were made
that way and the proper components. These works of art
are a result of intense study and valuable experience.
The Contented Angler
147 Jefferson Avenue
Lower Burrell, PA. 15068
724 - 337 - 0437
Visit Chris Lantzy HERE.
Whether you are interested in the finest cane, graphite or the
collectible mortised rods, you can be sure you are getting the
finest materials available and excellent workmanship with these
rods. You will form a valuable friendship with the man who is
making your rod and this is the only way to own something that
is truly special.
A Lantzy graphite rod with my favorite reel.
Chris Lantzy has always been kind and generous
to the fly fishing community, and in the eyes of
the Contented Angler, that makes him even more
lantzy cane rod
Our special friend HERE