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Hard to believe we've been doing this for 50 years. I remember when Orvis came out with an and exciting new product called, "weighted nymphs" Beads were not yet around. Most had a Fenwick glass rod (which I wish we still had) a Pflueger, Martin or Hardy reel and a Cortland line. The Cortland Rocket taper WF would come later. There was more natural material than synthetic. Now, thanks to John Betts, there is more synthetic material I remember moving up to the Orvis Far and Fine series which we purchase from John at The Fishing Post. I remember how to dye material. There was only Mustad and Partridge hooks. Thomas & Thomas not only had premium rods, they also had a catalog of material.  i remember curing a deer hide. There is a 50 year old book on high stick nymphing I can show you. 

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