Scientific Angler Amplitude Lines
sa amplitude trout line
Scientific Angler Amplitude MPX - They say the
line is 70% of the cast and you will see quite a
difference with the Amplitude Trout and the
Amplitude MPX.

  • Features the SA slickness coating
  • Floating texture on tip section
  • The ultimate general presentation line
  • Improved version of the GPX taper
  • Best for large dry flies,  nymphs,  and
  • For use in moderate and cold climates
  • Braided multifilament core.

Price: $129.95  WF3 - WF9
sa amplitude mpx
Amplitude Trout - The Amplitude Trout line is
slickest line SA has ever made and will last 8 times
longer than any line on the market.  Built for
precise presentation and those who like to fish
dry flies. Everyone loves this line!

Features the revolutionary AST coating for
superior shooting ability and durability
Floating texture on tip section
Revised compound taper for delicate deliveries
Designed specifically for chasing trout
Braided Multifilament core

Price $129,95  WF3 - WF7
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Lower Burrell, Pa. 1506

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