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The SA Streamer Express Clear Tip line - Rapid
sinking and stays deep throughout the drift.  Great
for casting large flies and streamers for both
saltwater and freshwater species. I have used this
line and it's a line that I frequently reach for.  Very
good from a boat or skiff with stripping basket! Only
a few of these left!!

7/8  250gr  -   $64.95
8/9  300gr  -  $64.95
9/10 350gr  -  $64.95
The SA Expert Distance Line features
a long taper that allows you to easily
aerialize more line.  Not my favorite
distance line.
WF - 6F -  $54.95
WF - 7F -  $54.95
sa expert distance line
mastery grand slam line
sa sonar uniform sink line
Mastery Grand Slam - With a short powerful
head,  the Grand Slam cuts through wind
and turns over crabs,  shrimp and tarpon
  • Designed for Saltwater applications
  • cuts through wind and turns over big
    saltwater flies
  • short powerful head for quick casts to
    moving targets
  • Overweighted to load rods quickly

Available in WF6 - WF12F
Price: $79.95
SA Sonar Uniform Sink - The front of
the Uniform Sink lines sinks faster than
the rear guaranteeing a straight line
connection to the fly.  I've seen the
effectiveness of uniform sink lines and
can attest to their effectiveness!

Sink 2 = 1.75 - 2.75 ips  5 - 7wt.
Sink 3 = 2.5 - 3.5 ips     5 - 9wt.
Sink 4 = 4.0 - 5.0 ips     5 - 9wt.
Sink 5 = 4.5 - 6.0ips      5 - 9wt.

Price:  $79.95
sa streamer express line
sa mastery vpt fly line
SA Mastery VPT The long front taper on the
SA Verstile Presentation line makes this a
great dry fly line with gentle delivery. Also
good for roll casting and single hand spey.

Perfect for dry fly fishing
Textured tip for high floatation
Excellent line control
Braided multifilament core

This is a favorite line of many trout anglers.

Price: $84.95   WF2 - WF6F
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