tying shopvac
shop vac nymph
shop vac nymph
Usually, we have plenty of tan Hi-Vis here at the
genuine fly shop. This fly is the reason why. The
shop vac is not a contented angler pattern although
we do use our choice of material.
This has been in the box of go-to flies for the past
two years. I usually reach for this fly every fishing
Thread:     Danville 6/0 tan
Hook:         Dai-Riki 135 #14 - #18
Head:         Gold bead of appropriate size
Adbomen:  Ringneck pheasant center tails.
8 - 10 fibers for a size 14.
Rib:            Gold wire.
Thorax.      Chocolate brown diamond brite
or Ice dub.
1. Tie in 8 - 10 ringneck center tail fibers.
2. Tie in gold wire rib and advance the
thread leaving 1/4 hook length.
3. Wrap  the pheasant tails up to the
waiting thread and counter rib with
gold wire.
4. Tie in some tan Hi-Vis fibers as you
would a wingcase.
5. Fold the Hi-Vis over forming a loop.
6. Dub in front and behind the loop with
Chocolate brown ice dub or diamond brite.
The Contented Angler
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Lower Burrell, Pa. 15068
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shop vac nymph