making a rattle for a fly
soft hackle streamer
tying in marabou feather
wrapping hackle on streamer
gartside soft hackle streamer
soft hackle streamer
attaching a rattle to a fly
The late Jack Gartside gave us this streamer and
everyone has been palmering marabou for spey flies
since that time. I've had good luck with rattles so I'm
going to add one here. This is a good pattern for our
young people or beginners.
Rattle Soft Hackle Streamer
This streamer should be tied on a rather large 4XL -
6XL hook
There are many options such as adding weight to the
shank or a conehead, Fish Skull or Fish Mask
1. To make the rattle, take a length of large mylar tubing
and close one end by wrapping with your tying thread.
2. Tie off your thread by placing a loop of mono alongside
the tubing. Make 8wraps over the mono and cut the thread
leaving about a 4in. length. Insert the thread in the loop and
pull the loop to trap the thread under the wraps. Cut the
thread and add a drop of glue.
3. Attach your rattle to the rear of the fly and add a drop of
4. Take a marabou plume and pull most of the fibers down
leaving a few at the top. Wet these fibers to keep them
seperate from the others. You may have to flatten the stem
with needle nose pliers or splint the stem in half if you thing it
is too thick to palmer.
5. Wrap the featther forward and tie off. Make sure there are
no fibers trapped while you wrap.
If you thing the fibers are too long, grab the entire bunch of
fibers at the ends and pinch them off with your thumb and
6. Make a few wraps back towards the rear of the fly and tie in
a schlappen or very webby saddle hackle and tie it in by the
tip.The one pictured is tied in wrong.
7. Make a few wraps with your hackle and tie off. Make two
whip finishes to complete the fly.
Another Soft Hackle Streamer.
I used the same method to add a rattle to this black deciever.
This fly is for night fishing and a little sound or vibration can't
hurt it.
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