teeny fly line
teeny ts series
I prefer fishing dry flies for trout, but I always have a Teeny T-200 or a
Teeny Mini Tip line in my pack. For me, it's the only way to get a natural
presentation when fishing subsurface, Lee Wullf once called weighted
flies "feathered sinkers" they just don't behave naturally. These are also
great lines for swinging flies on larger Steelhead rivers. The 24ft sink tip
will get you down where you need to be.
There are different sink rates for this line so we would rather you call us
and let us choose the perfect line for your situation.
Available in T130 - T500  $75.00
The first thing you notice when casting a T Series line is that you are
casting farther with less effort and you wish the line were longer. The
Teeny TS series fills this need. This longer version of the T Series
features a 30ft. head and  won't limit your casting distance and it casts
as well as the standard T Series.
Price:   $75.00
I remember in the early 80's when Jim Teeny
designed the T Series. This was the birth of
the integrated sinktip fly line and there is still
no match for them today!
The Contented Angler
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Lower Burrell, Pa. 15068
New Teeny Phantom Tip! - New lake line from Teeny with the
choice of a 5' or 25' slow sinking tip. I tried this line on a local lake
last year because I could never make a proper presentation to
the bass in the weeds.  Problem solved!
Price: $72.00