tfo bvk rod
In Pa. you can find yourself fishing a large river during the day and then
moving to a small cool brook for some afternoon fishing. The TFO BVK
conversion kit has all situations covered. If you have the highly acclaimed
BVK 8'0 3wt. you can also add a conversion kit that converts this rod to the
highly popular 10'0 3wt. size. The 8'0 rod is deadly accurate and very
enjoyable on smaller streams. Replace the bottom two sections with the
conversion kit and you are ready to fish large rivers with dry flies and
nymphs. The 10'0 rod is especially good for swinging soft hackles.

The TFO BVK Series has received high praise from some notable anglers. In
fact, I doubt if you will find a bad review on this rod, even from those who
want to look cool and  fish the rods that run the full page ads in the most
popular magazine. I call them adds since they add to the cost of the rod.

Since the beginning, TFO's philosophy has been to "Let the rod do the
talking" and that is where your attention should be focused. If you've been
with us for awhile, your too educated to be fooled by advertising tactics that
try to force your mind to choose their product. The only fair test is to put the
rod in your hand.

come in at a much higher retail price, but we were pleasantly surprised as
TFO stuck with their philosophy and offered this rod at an unbelievable price.

It is with complete confidence that we offer you the rod that is worthy of the
initials of Lefty Kreh. BVK is a stamp of approval that commands respect and
we know you will agree that this rod has earned those initials.
TFO BVK Conversion Kit
TFO 8'0 3wt BVK
TFO 10'0 Conversion kit
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TFO BVK 8'0 3wt. 4pc. rod -  $224.95

TFO 10'0 Conversion Kit -     $125.00
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or email if you have any questions.