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For the Tube Shiner we use the Tungsten Bump
tube kit from The Canadian Tube Fly Company
The hook is chosen by the species of fish you are
after. Craft fur makes a nice body. The tungsten
tube gets this streamer quickly down to the fish.
Liner tubing and junction tubing are included in
the kit.
tube fly bump tube
1. Liner tubing is inserted into the tungsten
tube and melted on one end so the tube
doesn't slip off. We begin our thread in front
of the tube wrapping a thread base on the
clear liner tubing. You can also add your
junction tubing now before placing the tube
on the adapter.
2. Tie the white bottom wing on the plastic
liner tubing.
3. Roll the tubing so that the white wing is on the
bottom and add a gray wing to the top along with
some flash extending slightly past the wing on
each side.
4. Tie off and remove the fly from the
adapter. Add your junction tubing to the rear
of the fly. I used pink so you can see. The
hook will slide into the junction tubing. Clip
the plastic tubing so that about 1/16 of tubing
remains in front of the head of the fly.
5. Melt the tubing that remains in front of the
eye until the tubing has a smooth edge. This
step also keeps the tube in place. When ready
to fish, thread your leader through the tube
and tie it to the hook. Place the hook into the
junction tubing and go fishing.
Our Fox Fur variation tied on the tungsten tube.