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"A Genuine Fly Shop"

Remember when you purchase a reel from The Contented Angler, you get free backing which could amount to a $20.00 savings. You also get free shipping when your order totals more than $75.00!

The Contented angler

  Cathy Beck was a big loss to the fly fishing world. She was one of the real ones that practiced fly fishing the way it should be done She appreciated the casting and took note of her surroundings. She new what the important things were Hard to lose her because our numbers are dwindling.

Surprise! and welcome to the new home of The Contented Angler.. The original site was overdue for an upgrade in order to comply with today's code and guidelines.  By now, you should know us and our philosophy. You will find the same traditional values and honesty the you have come to expect. We now have even more products and the fly tying material is endless. Some places write what Google wants them to write. Some even make 100 videos! We like to write what makes sense and do not want to star in a video. When AI becomes firmly implanted you will see big changes in websites, it there are indeed websites.

Helvetica Light is an easy-to-read font, with tall and narrow letters, that works well on almost every site.

We think you will be happy you found us.

Amy & Joe Gablick

amy casting

When you arrive here please stop at the "New" section first to check for any updates

amy redfish
Amy with a little Redfish!

The Contented Angler inspects and casts every rod we receive. If there is a defect in the blank it will show up immediately. It saves you and us from shipping a new rod back and forth. We also inspect the entire line for any blemishes.

We accept credit card, check and we have convenient paypal buttuns throughout the site 724-337-0437

"There is certainly something in angling that tends to produce a gentleness of spirit and a pure sincerity of mind"

Washington Irving

But not when you're competing.

News & Updates

There is no satisfaction when we sit here and collect money .  Something positive has to emerge from what you are doing. After replacing products the rest of the profits go to a Childrens Hospital. Rather than waste the day , we concentrate on trying to do something positive every day. We first had to be in a situation where we didn't need the money so we wouldn't have to make 100 videos a day to impress you. We do this to meet people that believe and share in our philosophy. Since the internet emerged, we've found that there are far too many experts out there and there was simply not enough room for another one.

New Products

shilton sl series fly reel
hatch iconic fly reel
crackle beads

New! Crackle Tungsten Beads. Thanks to Hareline


New Gritty Tungsten Beads thanks to Hareline!

third hand rod holder

The Third Hand is currently our most popular item. No more trying to hold the rod under your arm while you add a tippet or fly. $29.95 Everyone loves it!


Douglas Rods

New DXF rods coming

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