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Casting 101

Buying a fly rod

   It's easy, start a fly shop and collect peoples money. Well the problem is that there is no reward. You didn't accomplish anything. You wasted your precious time not doing anything positive. Donating some of the profits to Childrens Hospitals is one positive action. Free fly tying lessons from someone who has been doing it for 50 years is another. Free fly casting lessons like you won't get anywhere else. The Fly tying program is called: "Things you can't learn on Youtube."


We believe thst catching fish is the least important part of fly fishing. We think you should slow down and notice your surroundings. Appreciate the gift of nature. You are closer to God when surrounded by nature. Only nature can make a trout stream.


Trout fishing today is catching fish as fast as you can with no fly line and no casting it has nothing to do with fly fishing  if it weren't  for the casting I would give up fly fishing. The way Spring Creek in Pa. is trampled everyday and its trout tortured, it won't be long before it is no longer a trout stream.  Believe me I have seen it happen before!


This also leads to the wrong information passed on by guides and others that only someone with 50 years of wisdom and knowledge will recognize to be wrong!

   For example a local guide recently wrote that the double taper line is best for dry fly fishing. The DT line won't shoot and won't cast well in the wind. You will also need a larger spool to fit the line on. The only thing you need for a delicate presentation is a line with a long gradual front taper.

         WF line for Gentle delivery.  Notice the long front taper that dissapates the energy of the cast. This is also helped by the tapered leader. The long rear taper alllows you to carry more line in the air.


 Here we have a WF made to load the rod quickly and cast larger and heavier flies. Notice the blunt front taper for quick loading and casting large heavy flies. 

The two lines above are Scientific Angler lines, However the Wulff TT and long belly lines are good delicate presentation lines. If you are never going to fish a size 24, the TT line should be cut back a little. The Wulff Ambush would be a good substitute for the second line.

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