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Hatch Iconic Reels

Colors Available - Clear/blue, Clear/red, Black/silver, Grey/black

 What else can you say about these reels that hasn't already been said?

Hatch Iconic 3Plus -  4.9 0zs.  

Hatch Premium Backing: LA WF3F-118Y, WF4F-108Y, WF5F-86Y; WF3F-155Y

Price: $590.00

Hatch Iconic 4 Plus -  5.25oz  4 - 6 wt. lines

Hatch Premium Backing: LA WF4F-120Y, WF5F-110Y, WF6F-88Y  Price: $646.00

Iconic 5 Plus - 5.94ozs.  5 - 7wt lines

Hatch Premium Backing: LA WF5F-120Y, WF6F-100Y, WF7F-80Y; MA WF5F-130Y, WF6F-115Y, WF7F-100Y  Price: $703.00 

Hatch Iconic 7 Plus - 8.89ozs. - 7 - 9 wt. lines

Backing: LA WF7F-260Y, WF8F-240Y, WF9F-220Y; MA WF7F Hatch -340Y, WF8F-320Y, WF9F-300Y Price: $815.00

Hatch Iconic 9 Plus - 11.3 ozs.  10 - 12wt. lines

Backing: LA WF11F-400Y, WF12F-360Y; MA WF11F-500Y, WF12F-450Y

Price: $983..00

As with everything else, there is limited availability at this time.

Prices are subject to change and they will!

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