They say the line is 75% of the cast!  You can skimp on some things but don't skimp on the line
I wish I could show you all of the SA lines, but there are just too many. We have many in stock and we can get them in a few days.
Scientific Angler Sonar Seamless Density lines  -
Smooth transition between densities to eliminate hinging
This is one of many stillwater lines offered by SA.
Sizes: I/sink3, Sink 3/5,  Sink 5/7

SA Amplitude Trout - 
Excels in med to long distances with dry flies or small nymphs
Elongated front taper for delicate presentations.

Price: $99.95
scientific-angler-triple-density line.jpg
Scientific Angler Triple Density line - 
Two sizes heavier for quick loading and delivering large flies
Triple density construction provides straight line connection to fly.
Sizes: Hover/2/4, I/2/3, 1/3/5. I/3/6

Price: $99.95
SA Amplitude Smooth Trout - For those who prefer a smooth line over a textured line. Excellent performance and durability.
Price: $99.95

Mastery Titan Floating line - We use this as a Redfish line when delicacy isn't important. 2 sizes heavier and great for casting bulky flies! Also good for a saltwater quick cast!  Price: $79.99
SA Amplitude Infinity Line - 
General purpose taper for most freshwater species.
Half size heavier
Extended head length for long distance cast and easier mending

Price: $99.95

scientific-angler-nymph line
Scientific Angler Competition Nymph Line. - All the advantages you need in a dedicated nymph line.

Amplitude Creek Trout line - We were very impressed when we tried this line. We don't believe you will find a better trout line.


 Frequency Trout - Affordable and easy casting line for trout in all situations.

Price: $59.95


 Frequency Boost - One of our best selling lines. Half size heavy to make the rod load better

Price: $59.95