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Scientific Angler Tips and  Sonar Leaders

SA Sonar Leaders -  

 These 10′ leaders attach to the end of a fly line and can put your fly anywhere in the water column. With five different densities, each weighing in at 50 grains, you’ll be able to cover the surface to the depths. Ideal for single-handed lines as well as light double-handed lines, no matter the scenario, you can Get Down with SONAR.

  • 7′ & 10′ floating and sinking leaders for use with double- and single-handed lines

  • Built on 25-lb. monofilament

  • Weight: 35 & 50 grains

  • Welded loop on butt end

  • SA ID for quick identification of individual leaders

Fishing Type: Nymphs, Streamers, Spey
Length: 10 ft, 7 ft
Water Type: Freshwater
Weight: 35 GR, 50 GR


Available in: 7ft.


Hover - 1 ips.

Intermediate - 1.5 ips

sink3 - 3ips.

Sink 6 - 6ips

Price:  $14.95

SA Textured Tips -  

When you’re swinging a fly for salmon or steelhead using a two-handed rod, controlling the depth and speed of the fly is paramount. That’s why we created the Third Coast Textured Spey Tips. The TC Tip system is a revolutionary approach to Spey tips, as they’re the industry’s first truly tapered, fully textured, double-density sinking tips. Available in a multitude of densities to get the fly just where you need it.

  • The world’s first tapered, textured multi-density Spey tips

  • Shooting Texturing reduces friction, allowing for easier pick-ups of sinking tips

  • Tapered design aids in turning over flies at any distance

Sink Rates:
Int./Sink 2 = 1.25/2.0 ips
Sink 2/Sink 4 = 2.0/4.0 ips

Price: $24.95

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