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Wulff Ambush Lines

Extremely popular line. Is it a roll casting line? A shooting head? A skagit line?

Actually it is all of the above! Go three sizes heavier when used as a skagit line. Great for two hand overhead casting. Buy just the head or the entire line. Available in half sizes

Wufll Ambush Line  -  $89.95

IStandard Ambush line - The original shooting Head. 3wt - 15wt. also half sizes. $89.95

Ambush Head - If you already have a running line then this all you need. Just loop on the head - $54.95

Ambush Clear Tip -  20ft clear intermediate head. 5wt. - 10wt.  $89.95

Ambush Short - Shorter head for tight conditions. 175 - 325 grains - $89.95

Ambush Nuetralizer -  The head is a slow sinking intermediate to fish the film. $89.95

Wulff Saltwater lines

Premium Bermuda textured line- Increased shootability and gentle presentation. Warm weather line but I've used it in all climates

Available in:5wt - 12wt.



Wulff Triangle Taper Bermuda Line- Perfect line for flats fishing in warm weather. Gentle delivery!

Available in: 5wt. - 13wt.

Price: $89.95


Wulff Saltwater line - The popular standard favorite Wulff Saltwater line for any climate.

Available in: 5wt. - 13wt.

Price: $84.95

Textured: $124.95

Also available: Coldwater sinking striper line

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