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Peak Rotary Vise - Someone once said: " I thought you would have one of those expensive vises" Well, I do! It's a master at collecting rust and dust on a back shelf.
I've been using the Peak for at least 20 years and the jaws hold like they did on day one. In fact, I use the midge jaws for saltwater and salmon flies. There are many accessories you can add and it's the most affordable vise out there. Comes with a heavy pedestal base or c clamp.

Price: $184.95   Pedestal
Price: $184.95 - C - Clamp

The Peak Tube fly Vise - Has a chuck that accepts pins and metal tubes up to 1/8" in diameter and comes with Peaks custom ground pins which have a shallow slopped shoulder for capturing tubing.
Available in Pedestal and c clamp models.

Price: $219.95  Pedestal
Price: $219.95 - C - clamp
Price: $124.95 - Head only: 

peak tube fly vise.jpg
The Peak Jurassic Series features the Peak Large Iron Retention system to hold large heavy diameter hooks.
Price:  $379.95  Pedestal base
Price:  $369.95  C - clamp
Price:  $184.00  Conversion head
Price:  $324.95  JS2   Pedestal
Price:  $309.95 C- clamp

Visit Peak for more info and accessories
Jock Scott dressed by Joe Gablick
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