Loon Headlamp - Think you are only going to use this when you stay too late for the Brown Drake spinner? You're going to find it very convenient for working around the house, especially under the sink and doing electrical work. Charges with USB Port!
Heading 6
Air Loc Indicators - These strike indicators are very popular at Erie. We order about 600 per year. Easily adjustable, won't kink your line and most importantly, they won't fall off.

SA Regulator Hemostats

  1. Angled Head for Exceptional Visibility and Reach

  2. Smooth Jaws for Pinching Barbs, and Serrated Scissor

  3. Ergonomically Spaced Foam Grips Provide Ultimate Control and Comfort

  4. Combo Bottle Opener/Knot Tension Tool

Gift Cards are also available at The Contented Angler
SA Tippet Holder - An easy to use durable tippet holder that will last a long time.