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Loon Headlamp - Think you are only going to use this when you stay too late for the Brown Drake spinner? You're going to find it very convenient for working around the house, especially under the sink and doing electrical work. Charges with USB Port!
Heading 6
Air Loc Indicators - These strike indicators are very popular at Erie. We order about 600 per year. Easily adjustable, won't kink your line and most importantly, they won't fall off.

SA Regulator Hemostats

  1. Angled Head for Exceptional Visibility and Reach

  2. Smooth Jaws for Pinching Barbs, and Serrated Scissor

  3. Ergonomically Spaced Foam Grips Provide Ultimate Control and Comfort

  4. Combo Bottle Opener/Knot Tension Tool

Make sure you see the new Echo Indicator rods.  There won't be an unlimited supply of these rods.

Cast Here

Third Hand rod holder

The Third Hand is currently our most popular item. Seems like we are always ordering these. No longer do you have to hold the rod under your arm while you perform other tasks

Gift Cards are also available at The Contented Angler
SA Tippet Holder - An easy to use durable tippet holder that will last a long time.
Cascade Crest Vise and toolkit Lifetime warranty

Quite often, a young customer will come in and say: "I want a fast fly rod" Out of curiosity I ask him why he wants a fast rod. He replies: " My friend told me to get a fast rod. I know that his friend also doesn't know why he recommends a fast rod. Fast rods became popular because they could cut through the wind with long casts and increase line speed for tighter loops. I wouldn't want anything else for saltwater. However, it takes practice to master the timing of casting a fast rod. Most anglers will find a moderate action rod more user-friendly .

TFO has now released the new Professional Series lll with some modern cosmetic changes  and the rod now comes with a case. Cast HERE to see these rods.

Due to the many requests, well, not many, The Hatch Pool has returned to the site. 

Remember, you get free shipping when you spend over $75

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