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Gift Cards are also available at The Contented Angler - 1-724-337-0437
airflo indicators
Air Loc Indicators - These strike indicators are very popular at Erie. We order about 600 per year. Easily adjustable, won't kink your line and most importantly, they won't fall off.
omnispool line spooler

The new omnispool is a great way to store and clean your lines. Make sure you stop by for a demonstration Begin with the kit with spool, handle and detachable line clieaner and add additional spools as needed. Saves me lots of headaches. Easy way to store extrra lines.

tungsten gtitty beads
hatch fly reel
shilton reel colors

Due to the many requests, well, not many, The Hatch Pool has returned to the site. 

Remember, you get free shipping when you spend over $75

We have all sizes of Maxima tippet

I've decided not to do any more articles on the site. There are simply too many experts out there and there is not enough room for  another one. If you have a question, please email or call. I know we can help.

payment methods
The Third Hand is one of our best selling items. This rod holder will hook to your wading belt 
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