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We earned a reputation of knowing how to properly line a two handed rod, and yet we still don't have any two handers on the site! We will fix this They tried making two handed casting as difficult as they could.  We think you will be surprised how you can do it in a matter of minutes!

Here is the OHS single hand spey rod from Echo. I've been doing this for years and I will never roll cast again! Also great for long overhead casting.

Only two left of the multi award winning TFO Axiom ll Switch rod. I believe they are both 7wts.

Loon Headlamp - Think you are only going to use this when you stay too late for the Brown Drake spinner? You're going to find it very convenient for working around the house, especially under the sink and doing electrical work. How about working on the car? Fly tying? Charges with USB Port!

SA Regulator Hemostats

  1. Angled Head for Exceptional Visibility and Reach

  2. Smooth Jaws for Pinching Barbs, and Serrated Scissor

  3. Ergonomically Spaced Foam Grips Provide Ultimate Control and Comfort

  4. Combo Bottle Opener/Knot Tension Tool

Make sure you see the new Echo Indicator rods.  There won't be an unlimited supply of these rods.

Cast Here

Third Hand rod holder

The Third Hand is currently our most popular item. Seems like we are always ordering these. No longer do you have to hold the rod under your arm while you perform other tasks

Air Loc Indicators - These strike indicators are very popular at Erie. We order about 600 per year. Easily adjustable, won't kink your line and most importantly, they won't fall off.
The new omnispool is a great way to store and clean your lines. Make sure you stop by for a demonstration Begin with the kit with spool, handle and detachable line clieaner and add additional spools as needed.

Due to the many requests, well, not many, The Hatch Pool has returned to the site. 

Remember, you get free shipping when you spend over $75

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