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  Echo Ion reel is a reel that has really been put to the test just about everywhere and has passed with flying colors. An ingenious cast aluminum reel that is then machined to give you the benefits of a fully machined reel without the cost. The Ion reel then gets a durable matte black finish for incredible durability. We're not done yet! All internal parts are stainless steel. A good spey/salmon reel.

Price: $79.99

Ion 2/3     WF3 + 75yds.

Ion 4/5     WF5 + 150yds.

Ion 6/7     WF7 + 150

Ion 7/9     WF8 + 200yds.

Ion 8/10   WF8/9 + 200yds.

Ion 10/12 WF9/11 + 250 30#


Echo Bravo reel -  Looks to me like they thought of everything with the newEcho Bravo reel! Steelhead, bass,  carp,  musky and saltwater.  

An attractive reel with a new drag.  This is also going to be a perfect spey/switch reel.  Echo doesn't make collectable reels that cost you your entire paycheck. They make reels that are dependable and are  meant to be fished and fished hard!

Price: $139.99

 Bravo 7/9  WF8 + 200yds.

 Bravo 8/9  WF9 + 200yds.

 Bravo  10/12 +  WF9/10 + 250yds. 30lb.


Echo Bravo Lt. No nonsense reel that features a four layer carbon drag system in the hub. Easy right to left hand conversion. Many in use and nothing but positive reviews!

Price: $119.99

 Bravo 4/5 + WF5 + 120

 Bravo 6/7 + WF7 + 150 ydss

 Bravo 8/10 + WF8/9 + 200 30lb


Echo Shadow Clicker reel - If you like the old Hardy reels, you will like this one. A clicker reel only has enough drag to prevent overruns. The line gaurd is also adjustable!

This is a unique inexpensive trout reel!

2 - 5wt models

Great for tournament casting.

Price - $99.95 of course they couldn't make it and easy and charge an even $100.00

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