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Seychelles -  A country that consists of 90 Islands in the Indian ocean about 600 miles from Madagascar. Also home to some mean fish! The testing ground for Shilton Reels.

sShilton Reels

The much sought after South African Shilton reels were made for one thing;
to stop mean and powerful fish!
Finally available in the U.S.
The Shilton SL Series features a custom processed Cork disk drag and the Shilton high quality anodizing. Available in Titanium and custom anodized colors.
SL4 -  WF6 + 150yds. 20lb.       Price: $575.00
SL5 -  WF7 - 275yds. 20lb.        Price: $635.00
SL-6 - WF9 + 230yds. 30lb.       Price: $685.00
SL-7 - WF12 + 380yds. 30lb.     Price: $765.00
SL-8 - WF14 + 600yds. 30lb.     Price: $825.00

shilton fr._edited.jpg
Shilton CR Series freshwater reel
The CR series features a super large arbor design and is available in:titanium, blue, turqqoise, red, gold or custom color. Incoming snd outgoing retrieve are both silent.

CR-2 - WF3 + 65yds. 20lb backing

CR-3 - WF5 + 155yds. 20lb backing / WF6 + 110 Yds. backing

CR-4 - WF7 + 175yds. 20lb / WF8 + 150yds 30lb backing

CR2 -   $435.00
CR-3 -  $445.00
CR4 -   $485.00
Shilton SR Series Saltwater reel
The SR Series  features 6082 T6 aluminum and they have increased the diameter of the cork drag. Shilton also added another plunger for extra drag engagement and durability.

SR-9 -   WF9 + 230yds. 30lb. backing
SR10 -  WF10 + 285yds. 30lb  backing
SR12 -  WF12 + 350yds. 30lb. backing

SR9-         $895.00
SR-10 -     $935.00
SR-12 -     $995.00

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