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TFO BC Big Fly Rod

tfo big fly rod

I've noticed with the modern Musky flies that the fly designer did not build castability into the fly.  The solution? Make rods and lines that cast these flies.The BC (Blane Chocklett) Big Fly Rod from TFO is designed to cast the biggest flies to the meanest fish and do it accurately. 

I would also consider this a great striper rod. 

TFO BC Big Fly Rod


The SA Musky line is one choice for casting these flies, but we would also recommend the SA Mastery Titan and SA Sonar Titan line for a variety of sink rates. The Wullf Ambush lines are also great!


IThere is a group of anglers who visit The Contented Angler and tie these flies and make landing these fish look easy. Although Musky are not known to make long runs, they can be a handful to land!


We also stock the Scientific Angler Esox Special and Figure 8 Leaders for Musky. Don't expect to cast these flies without the proper leader.

sa figure eight leader.jpg

The SA Sonar leaders are another item to consider.

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