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 Wulff Triangle Taper - The fly The famous Triangle taper line is a easy casting line and provides a delicate presentation Available in floating, 90’ length with a 36’-40’ taper and a 54’–50’ running line with welded loop for easy leader attachment.

Floating line features J3 coating
Colors: Olive, Ivory, or Orange
Sizes: 2wt. - 9wt.

Price: $79.95


I'Triangle Taper Two Tone- Two Tone version of the original wulff triangle taper line. Great for teaching.

Available in: 2wt - 9wt.

Price: $89.95


Introducing the new Triangle Taper Premium Plus Textured freshwater lines. You get less friction through the guides and better floatation with a textured line.

Premium Plus Textured lines are three color (green, ivory, buckskin) with two textures and a welded loop on both ends. 

Available in: 

Price: $119.95


Wulff Bamboo line - This is the two tone line that you need for glass, bamboo and any softer rod for dry fly fishing.

Available in; 3wt. - 7wt.

Price: $89.95


Joan wulff Favorite - We have been using this line for our fly cssting instruction since day one An easy-casting Floating, 90’ length, with a 32’–38’ taper, and a 52’–58’ running line with welded loop and J3 coating.

Available in: WF - 2  - WF 8



I'm not sure what they do differently, but the Wulff Monoclear line seems to cast better than other clear lines. 36’ – 40’ head, and a 1.25–1.75 ips sink rate.

Available in: 4wt - 8wt.


Wade over to Royal Wulff lines

Long belly - Our first choice for an Erie Steelhead line or any time you need to make long mends. Great roll casting line.

Available in: ivory 3wt - 9wt.



Triangle Taper Plus line - Referred to as a western line because it is a half size heavier. We should be overlining our trout rods anyway.

Avaiilable in: 2wt - 9wt.

Price: $$89.95

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