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 Hatch Limited Edition Reels - 
Every so often, Hatch has been releasing a limited edition reel in a unique color.  These usually sell out in hours not days. Sometimes even we can't snag one! You have to be quick. Here are the latest releases.
Note: The Jokester is not a limited edition reel, but may be.


Hatch campfire reel

Limited Edition Hatch Campfire Reel

Only one left and Hatch is sold out of them!

Hatch Campfire reel - 5Plus

Price: $763.00


Limited Edition Hatch Slam Reel

7Plus Bonefish picture  -  $1,300.00

9Plus Permit picture  -      $1,500.00

11Plus Tarpon picture  -    $1,800.00


The new Hatch Jokester Reel is not yet a limted editon, but we believe it will be.

Hatch Jokester 3 Plus - Sold out!!

Hatch Jokester 4 Plus  - $706.00

Hatch Jokester 5 Plus  - $763.00

Hatch Jokester 7 Plus  - $875.00

Hatch Jokester 9 Plus  - $1043.00

The new Hatch Jolly Roger Reel 7Plus 
Price: $1300.00


New Hatcfh Special edition Raven reel.

$651.00 - $1128.00


New Hatch Gargoyle reel - I know you can't see the dark army green matte finish in this pic but believe me it is amazing!

  7Plus reel - $875.00

  5Plus reel - $763.00

Please call or email for availability


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