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 Echo Lago Rod
echo lago rod

As trout season comes to a close, we seek other species to continue our season. This is when our lakes come into play. Lake fishing usually means fishing with a float tube, Kayak or boat. We never took lake rods seriously until now! The Echo Lago rods are designed so you can cast bass and other flies while in a sitting position. These 10 footers are available in 5wt, 6wt, and 7wt. and come with bsg and case. Also a good 10ft. steelhead rod.

echo lago rods

  Now that we've expanded our fishing opportunitties to bass, carp, Musky and of course saltwater fishing. We are seeing specialty rods and lines that make our fishing easy and more enjoyable!

Echo Lago 10'0 5wt. 4pc rod -  $279.99

Echo Lago 10'0 6wt 4pc. rod - $279.99

Echo Lago 10'0 7wt. 4pc. rod - $279.99

As always, you can call, text or use the convenient PayPal button. Better yet, stop by and try the rod.

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