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Echo Musky rod

  Echo  teamed up with some of the Midwest’s most obsessed musky anglers to develop a series of rods to do it all:  Close to the water, high gunnels, figure eight, full sinking, intermediate tip, 1000 casts, stupid big flies… You get the idea.
11wt rods with bottom grips
The Musky comes in two length options, both in 11wt.  The 8’8″ for fishing close to the water, and the 9’4″ for the “taller” boats.  Choose the one that gets you the best figure eight!

      Model           Length          Line          Wgt.             PCS.      Pirice  


     1188               8'8             11wt.       4.75ozs.            4        $329.00

     1194              9'4              11wt.       5ozs.                 4        $329.00




  Musky usually don't take off on a fast run, so you don't have to be too concerned with an over-priced reel. The Echo Ion and the Echo Bravo reel would be good choices.

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